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Warning: Forget Content at Your Peril (Tips for New Site Building)

When approaching the building of a new web site the first thing on everybody’s mind is design. This is for obvious reasons; however it’s important to remember that content (i.e. the words on the pages) is just as important as design when it come to creating an effective, user friendly website. If your content is […]

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One Simple Way to Change Your Success Online…

I’d like to invite you to an experiment. For one month, stop link building. Instead, focus on your site. Focus on your company, on your personality and the personalities that you want to reach through your site. Ask yourself these simple questions: Is my site easy to use? Is my content engaging? Well-written? Well researched? […]

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Four Web Design Styles for 2010

I saw this blog posting by Jesse Speak at Cubeworks. For me most Web design blogs seem to be written in a different laguage. This one I understood. Are you planning a website re-design in 2010? If so you’ll want to show what a forward-looking type you are by leaving the Noughties look behind and […]

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