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Bing and Mobile Search

Sometimes it can feel like we don’t pay attention to any other Search Engine but Google. As we have said in a previous blog, Google is the main market share holder in the Search game, but that does not mean we should totally exclude other Search Engines from notice. Bing for instance, is still in […]

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Mobile Search

Mobile Search is an expanding part of SEO. With the ever increasing use of mobile phones, apps and online features it is a new territory for companies to consider. With the addition of the ipad and many other tablets to this spectrum of Search enabled devices you can see the massive marketing implications these devices […]

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The HTC Touch Pro aka XDA Serra

My new phone, a XDA Serra has arrived! It is really a nice piece of kit. Also known as a HTC Touch Pro. I am actually writing this blog from it. The keyboard is amazingly easy to use, the Opera browser takes a while to get use to but I seem to be getting the […]

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