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XML Sitemaps

Another Search 101 blog for you here and this one is about XML Sitemaps – pretty obvious from the title! XML Sitemaps are very important to the ranking of your website. The essential role of an XML Sitemap is to tell Google about pages on your site which may not otherwise be found by the […]

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Internal Linking

Linking keyword phrases found in the text on your Web site to other pages on your Web site specific to that keyword not only helps users but gives a clear signal to search engines that visit your site which pages are the most relevant to that keyword phrase. This is known as internal linking. Your […]

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Keeping pages off the Search Engine Index

Recently I have been asked by a few Web site owners how to prevent pages on their sites from being indexed by search engines. There can be various reasons for wanting to keep some pages from being found on search engines such as an industries specific regulatory requirements which can vary from country to country. […]

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