keywords (art by_xthumbtakx-d36y0ad)On the 30th of July 2012, Majestic SEO announced a fancy new SEO tool: their very own keyword checker!

As someone who has been increasingly suspicious as to the accuracy of Google’s keyword tool lately and instead spent time using other more gorilla methods of keyword research, I was excited to hear news of a shiny new keyword research device.

The tool is available for free. If you are using the free version, you can check up to 50 keywords in one go. For silver users, that amount goes up to 150.

Admittedly, as the tool was only launched yesterday, we haven’t used it extensively yet, but here are three initial thoughts on Majestic SEO’s keyword checker:

1. On first play it seems fairly useful. However, the dictionary seems to be smaller than expected. Some search terms do not appear at all in the dictionary, though there is a note at the bottom of the keyword checker’s results page that states: “User submitted data will be used to increase the size of the dictionary”

So, in all likelihood the dictionary will expand over time to include more terms and phrases. This is encouraging!

2. As with most of Majestic’s tools, the interface is nicer to use than Google’s (at least it is for me). It also provides some handy little insights such as whether that term is included in the title or anchor text and a comparison between keyword appearance on a domain and URL.

3. The information Majestic’s tool gives also seems potentially more valuable than that of Google’s tool but we’ll have to give it some time before deciding on a final verdict.

Here at a451, we’re excited about the possibilities of a new keyword checker and we’ll definitely be testing this tool out in our client keyword research to see what kind of insights it gives us over time.

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