words____by_kefiruxWhen approaching the building of a new web site the first thing on everybody’s mind is design. This is for obvious reasons; however it’s important to remember that content (i.e. the words on the pages) is just as important as design when it come to creating an effective, user friendly website.

If your content is rushed, poorly written, contains errors, is under or over optimised,and inadequately communicates your company then no amount of design, no matter how impressive, will help you. If content is forgotten then your website will be lacking.

Surely, a brand new web site that is lacking in one area right out of the gate is not what you want. Yet, it’s amazing how many companies forget to take content into account when designing their site.

Ever wonder what could happen if you leave your site content ‘til the last minute?

  1. The design hasn’t allowed sufficient space to write content and need to be re-worked to fit the content onto your pages. This means that additional time is required for the designer to fix the design to fit the content, which could also delay your site launch.
  2. Your rushed site content is not optimised or not sufficiently optimised and so cannot be found in search engines.
  3. You haven’t researched your target audience, and therefore the content you write in a hurry is unfocused and won’t reach those you intend to reach.
  4. Your content is rushed and contains spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Your audience finds your site but doesn’t trust you because your content appears unprofessional.

Not good is it. It’s time to start putting content at the top of the list, right up there with your shiny new web site design. So, with that in mind…

Here are 4 ways to ensure your content goes hand in hand with the design, and your newly built site arrives on the web looking and reading its best:

  • Know who is going to write your content from the beginning. Be clear on who your audience is, and what you want to achieve. Solidify your goals and your company tone of voice. Clearly communicate this to whoever is writing the content.
  • Make sure your content writer understands search engine optimisation and set time aside for some keyword research to ensure you are properly targeting your pages to the most appropriate keywords or phrases.
  • Have your content writer and designer meet. Let them discuss how content will play into the planned design and provide opportunity to negotiate where necessary to ensure design and content can work together.
  • Have the content ready at least a few weeks before the site is launched. Review it and have it read by a group of people to ensure any inconsistencies, errors, or omissions are cut before the site is launched.

Design and content are equally important to site design and both are part of the whole. If you’re looking to build a new website, make sure you don’t forget words.

Words are a big part of the story your site tells to the world.

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