Alright people, it’s time to get nerdy. Put on your thick framed glasses and get ready. I admit this might be boring… but it’s also invaluable. What am I talking about? Research.

In all seriousness, research is one of the most important aspects of effective search engine marketing and website optimisation. Without time spent reading, assessing and researching, all of our work is likely to be useless (unless we’re very lucky). In an industry like SEO, it seems that time is always too short.

Nerd by AmuletzWhen it comes to optimising a site for appropriate keywords and phrases, time should always be taken into account. Taking the time necessary to effectively research an industry or product’s appropriate keywords, write effective meta-descriptions and ensure each page is optimised correctly can be pivotal to a site’s performance and to creating a positive user experience.

Why are we in such a rush?

There are many reasons to take time to research your industry, clients, and keywords. This isn’t just important when building a site from scratch. If anything it is more important when refreshing a site.

When looking to earn links we must first ensure that the website is ready, whether it is worthwhile.

We all think our websites our worthwhile, certainly our businesses are but taking time to assess where perhaps your site I lacking before seeking to earn links to it, will save you time in the long run by ensuring you don’t waste time seeking links that will be rejected.

Here at a451, we’re moving forward with our  link building and search engine marketing strategies, ensuring we take time to research and plan 3 months ahead and to really work on creating link worthy content for our client sites. We hope you’ll come along on the journey and spend more time researching and crafting your site before diving into link tactics and fretting about linking and rank. Links will always be important but research is equally so.

So what are you waiting for? Start reading.

Gather your intel, follow the trail of information and see how this changes your business. I guarantee it’ll be a positive experience. Go on, be a nerd… you know you want to.

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