stop link building (art by legaldevil)I’d like to invite you to an experiment.
For one month, stop link building.

Instead, focus on your site. Focus on your company, on your personality and the personalities that you want to reach through your site.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

    1. Is my site easy to use?
    2. Is my content engaging? Well-written? Well researched? Is it clear what each page is about and who it’s for?
    3. Is my site nice to look at? What does the look of my site convey?

Link building of any kind is less effective and sometimes completely ineffective if your answer to any of the above questions is negative.

Quality links are definitely beneficial to a site, but if your website is difficult to navigate and looks dated or unprofessional your bounce rate will go up faster than anything. You will lose out no matter how many links your site has coming in.

So stop link building. Take a month to assess your site.

A web site is like a shop (art by joy_ang)Imagine your website is a shop. Would you want to shop in a store that has a messy window display, is cluttered, hard to find your way around and the price tags are unclear? I sure wouldn’t.

In person this seems obvious. But many companies still do not seem to take into account that your website is similar to a high street shop. It should be sharp, clean, targeted to who you want to bring in. Your site, like a great shop,  should be welcoming and laid out in a way that helps your customers find the information and products they need. It should also be easy to check out (pay) and move on.

If people are getting lost or confused or jumping ship prematurely then something is off.

It’s also very important to remember that a  great site starts with a great design.

I am a writer. I create images and communicate ideas with words, but I know that text on its own is often not very inviting, especially online.

Think visual - art by Zacharka

First, if you can, make sure your site LOOKS great, and then sort out of your content and how you want others to perceive you as a company. Make sure you are clearly showing your brand personality and inviting others in, rather than simply projecting information at them (a brochure can be useful in person but not online, especially not these days).

The key term here is engage.  Engagement will help you when you return to link building.

Create a site that encourages engagement and your linking and social media efforts will come much more easily (but we’ll talk more about that stage another day). This is something we’re working on with our own clients and with our own site. It’s not always easy, as it takes time and effort and indeed research. But it’s incredibly important to online success.

If you need help with your content or keyword research, please get in touch with a451. We’d be happy to help you.

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