End Of The World by *oO-Rein-OoIt’s the end of the [link building] world as we know it and I feel fine.

SEOs, lay down your linking swords. The era of link building supremacy is nearing its end.

As a writer who works in the world of SEO, I’ve always had a tempestuous relationship with link building, especially shady or spammy link building tactics that dumb down content. It can be infuriating to be a writer in this industry, but only truly when dealing with black hat SEO that lacks respect for the time and energy it takes to create good content, and indeed the importance of content not just for gaining links.

To me, writing content exclusively to gain a link is just as bad as paying for one.* Thankfully, I don’t  work in a world where I am made daily to write for SEOs using black or even grey hat tactics such as article spinning, snippets, and other cringe-worthy methods to artificially build a site’s rank.

Link by VonnLink building is a strange phenomenon. SEOs have been doing this for years now, but as Google continues to update its algorithms causing sites with spammy links to vanish into search oblivion, it begs the question:

Is link building worth doing anymore?

I recently read this article by Adam Audette of RKG online marketing. In his article Audette explains that links are effects and not causes. I agree. If a company has a positive, interactive online presence on social media, practices good marketing, and engages with quality content, this will automatically bring in more links and boosts rankings far better than any forced link building tactics.

SO… back to the question, is link building still worth doing? Well… sort of. But not with the fury and focus SEO has given it in the past.

Ensuring quality links are coming into your site does help rankings. Researching your market and finding ways to gain links and get links included in directories and resource pages can be helpful in building up a site’s authority. However…

If your content is rubbish and your site is hard to navigate, no amount of links will help you. We need to change focus.

Website owners still care most about links, rank, and conversions. You won’t get quality links, rank and conversions if your product isn’t represented well and no one knows who you are. As I said in a previous post SEO is a team sport now. It’s one part of the whole.

Rather than focusing on rank and number of links, we need to look at the company’s personality as whole. How is this site and company being perceived by visitors? Start there. If it’s not easy to navigate, if the content isn’t engaging or clear, if people don’t like you? Fix it.

SEO is one aspect of the larger world of digital marketing. Links are one relatively small aspect of the whole. The primary goal is no longer links.

The goal is to increase the awareness of brands whether big or small. This happens through well-written, clear, optimised content with the correct tone of voice, alongside social media engagement, customer satisfaction, and effective PR and advertisement.

Take a look at the personality of your brand. Imagine how visitors will perceive you. Engage and get involved. Remember, links are not the goal. Links are a by-product of a great site, product, brand personality that is satisfying to customers.

The era of link building dominance is over. It’s a new day.


*paid advertisements are not the same as paid spammy links. Advertising and PPC are upfront about what they are and their success is based on good choice of content.


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