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Is This the End of Link Building?

It’s the end of the [link building] world as we know it and I feel fine. SEOs, lay down your linking swords. The era of link building supremacy is nearing its end. As a writer who works in the world of SEO, I’ve always had a tempestuous relationship with link building, especially shady or spammy […]

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4 Tips for Writing Effective Onsite Content

Quality content is a hot topic, but what exactly makes something quality? How your website performs, from search engine results to conversions, is very much informed by your content. The formula for quality onsite content (beyond good grammar and effective turns of phrase) isn’t set in stone. What makes content effective varies depending on the type […]

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Is Bing Getting It Right? Social Search Evolves in Style

Bing recently rolled out a revamped, cleaned up version of its search engine, and it looks really rather good. Yesterday, they made it better. On the10th of May, 2012, Bing introduced the ‘New Bing,’ a search engine that subtly involves social signals to help you “spend less time searching and more time doing”. We talk […]

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