Earlier this week I put up a post on Google+ and the benefits of circles and how they actually manage to promote quality through their innovative design -

‘Well, something I have noticed since becoming part of Google+ is that this social platform inadvertently (or perhaps advertently), promotes quality. Whether it’s quality comments, content, shares or +1′s, it promotes quality. The reason I have come to this conclusion is that unless you have something valid to share, say or contribute, people won’t pay attention to you.

Google+ Circle Promote Quality

Google+ Circle Promote Quality

It’s this whole circles deal isn’t it? Because you can add every single person on Google+ to your circle but that certainly does not mean that a single person will add you back. This control which Google have given to us over our social circles actually promotes quality. For instance, I wouldn’t add someone shouting ‘ADD ME’ across the platform no matter how many times they typed it and how big the font was. The only way I’m adding someone is if I think they are quality, have quality views and have quality contributions which I’ll actually want appearing in my stream.

So, what do I say to all this? Well done, Google, you have managed to promote quality on a social platform through giving more control to a happy user!’

It is interesting to watch Google find new ways to promote quality and Google+ is just another string to their ‘quality-promoting‘ bow. This ‘quality-promoting‘ trend which received a lot of attention with the launch of Panda in early 2011 is something which has continued to evolve within Google’s products and strategy, making it something for all website owners and users to be aware of.



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