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Quality Links and Fresh Content

Google Panada / Farmer update has meant that Web sites that had ranked highly by getting (or paying for) links from sites with low quality, high volume content will be penalised. These sites (usually know as content farms) are usually set up specifically for the purpose of trying to gain high positions on search engines. […]

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The Farmer/Panda Update

Google has made a significant step to reducing low quality search results by implementing the Farmer/Panda update. The name comes from the fact the SEO community christened it the Farmer update before the official Google name ‘Panda’ was known. Google was sensitive to the numerous on line comments at the beginning of the year that […]

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Recent Changes in Search and the Effect on Your Site

February saw several important changes to the major search engines that will have a long term impact on search and to the search engine ranking of your Web site. One of the changes is a greater emphasis on how search engines treat links from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Both Google and […]

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