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Webmaster Verification now with Analytics

Google has announced another logical and time saving feature. By using the Google Analytics asynchronous code or the new Analytics code you can verify your site and get all the good information that is provided in Webmaster Tools. You need to be an administrator in order to verify but once done you will also be […]

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Videos and Search Engine Optimisation

Google Webmaster Tools are constantly adding new features which makes a Web site owner’s life easier by providing much more information on how their site is being crawled. As new features come on stream it is a foolish Webmaster who ignores a clear message from Google that a certain area of their site is not […]

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Google Webmaster Tools Notifications

Google Webmaster Tools continues to improve the help it gives to Web site owners  in spotting trouble with their sites early on (  A big headache for site owners is if their sites cannot be fully spidered by search engines. Should a site not be spidering correctly it means pages could be being missed by […]

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