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Social Media for Business – First Steps

You can’t read anything about Social Media without it being heralded as the next big thing for business. Just in case you have just arrived from Mars and haven’t heard Social Media is the ability to share content, have a conversation and generally communicate in real time online. It represents a fundamental change in how […]

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Getting your Web site ready for 2010

Along with all those other year end concerns with your business it will be well worth your while to take a little time and consider how your Web site will be attracting visitors and business for you in 2010. Refreshing and updating your content should be the top priority. You do not want your existing […]

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Google Caffeine is Coming!

Back in August Google announce that there was going to be a major change in the search algorithm infrastructure and provided a sandbox page for users to try it out and comment on the results. This test period ended to toady with an announcement from Google as follows: We appreciate all the feedback from people […]

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