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Google and meta keywords tag

Whereas Google previously was slightly cagey when addressing issues to do with meta keywords tag the announcement yesterday put paid to any doubt. The most telling remark came from Matt Cutts when he said it wasn’t used now AND unlikely to be used in the future. We have always highlighted the fact that the […]

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Google News and SEO

I enjoyed the video by Maile Ohye from Google on how Google News spiders and indexes news items. Google uses the short video posting very effectively. It was mostly basic stuff with the spidering techniques being explained well. Maile did cover how Google uses something called Aggregate Editorial Interest when determining how to rank news […]

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Google Apps Set to Grow into a Wave

According to a recent survey by Accredited Supplier Google Apps is set for growth amongst the small businesses of the UK. Google Apps is the suite of programmes Google provides for free on line including word processing, spread sheets and presentation software. In the poll of 1,400 Microsoft customers 13% were going to switch in […]

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