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The HTC Touch Pro aka XDA Serra

My new phone, a XDA Serra has arrived! It is really a nice piece of kit. Also known as a HTC Touch Pro. I am actually writing this blog from it. The keyboard is amazingly easy to use, the Opera browser takes a while to get use to but I seem to be getting the […]

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In Review

It is that time of year again with plenty of reviews of last year and predictions for next. Having looked up the predictions made by the financial pundits at the end of 2007, all of whom got it completely wrong, I will not venture down a prediction route. However insofar as the Web is concerned […]

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Google Street View Car Spotted

I cannot believe my luck! When we were driving down to Kent for Christmas I spotted a Google Street View Car on the A27 just outside Brighton on Christmas Eve. It was parked in a lay-by and I think it was a black Vauxhall. The Street View cars have been spotted in the UK since […]

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