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Google Insight

One of the highlights of an otherwise quiet month was the launch by Google of Google Insight. It is a new interface for Google’s search data and is aimed at search volumes. Some of the things you Insight will tell you are: • search volume by keyword and by market • geographical distribution on a […]

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Organic versus Paid Search

I found this image last week and thought it was a very good visualisation of organic versus paid search. Paid and organic search campaign results can look very different. Especially at launch, organic conversion cost will seem much higher as rankings and, consequently, ROI take time to appear. It is in the medium and long […]

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With the launch of Google Chrome Web browser there is now a real challenge to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox. I have been a big user of Firefox for the last few years and only using IE on some CMSs where Firefox didn’t render correctly. I liked the look of Chrome from the start, clean […]

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