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Martin JetPack

I love gadgets and this has to be the ultimate. A New Zealander by the name of Glen Martin has developed a strap on personal flying machine. Glen designed and built this over a period of seven years in his garage. It was demoed this month at the Oshkosh ICO flight expo in the US. […]

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Google Street View to be Launched in UK

Google Street View is coming to the UK. If you haven’t had a chance to use Street View have a look at Google Street View found on Google Maps on one of the major US cites such as New York or San Francisco. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Google Street […]

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Yet another Google-Killer search engine was launched this month. There have been lots of previous great hopes like Hakia, Mahalo, Search Wikia, Gigaweb and Exalead. None have come even close to denting Google. Now there is Cuil. Unlike the previous contenders Cuil was set up by some ex-Google natural search bods from TeraGoogle (Google’s search […]

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