Although I have been slow coming round to it I do find the ability to customise the iGoogle and BBC page very useful. I am big fan of the BBC page and use it as my home page.

The BBC has always treated content as most important, that said the photographs are always crisp and well cropped. The larger page means there is more space whereas the old site did suffer a bit from information overload. The colour coding for the main sectionsiGooglenavigation that much easier.

Some may not like the footer but from a search point of view it allows much easier spidering and it certainly doesn’t detract from the look of the overall site.

It is customising the various information news sources that is the most fun. I really like the widgets, the drag and drop allows you to customise the page quickly. My office machine has the business news at the top left (how sad is that!) whereas my home pc uses the local spidering Sports widget goes up only when there is something of interest like one of the major Golf Championships, otherwise I don’t use it.

The danger is that I tend to create a little ‘bubble’ of my favourite information and may miss out on the more diverse bits of information. It would be interesting to see if this would mean thapcmy page views drop over all.

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